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People who move like animals, machines that move like people; animals that operate the machines. “Your outside is in and your inside is out” revolves around the question of how people form and are formed. How are decisions made? what and who determines how we move? In this context, how do hierarchical structures emerge and how do they dissolve again?
The view on animals and the machine: In dealing with films that bring the movements of animals to the screen and in which robots mimic both human and animal movements the issue of human movement is brought in a new light. The presentation of motion through media expands the horizon of what is possible in terms of human movement.
In this reflection three dancers and two musicians develop an order that makes the development of human-forming processes explicit. They begin their journey in space and then let gradually animals and machines in. Each step always refers to the questions: What do we do? How do we form, per-form and de-form that which we see and have seen? To what extent do these affect our movements?

choreography & dance Ursina Tossi // co-choreography & dance Nora Elberfeld / Angela Kecinski // music & live-composition Irene Kepl // dramaturgy & photos / Anja Winterhalter // costume Leticia Rossi // stage design Azizah Hocke // production management & pr Sarah Theilacker // mentoring Angela Guereirro / Melanie Zimmermann
“Your outside is in and your inside is out” is sponsored by the Hamburg Department of Culture and supported by ArtEZ.