what is audio description?
interview on NDR with Sophia Neises
Audio Description - AD for short - is a verbal description of visual images, movements, situations and objects that enable blind and visual impaired audience to make their own experience of dance, theater and visual arts.
In my work artistic AD moves away from “neutral description” and mere “service” to an extension of the dance experience and normalization of access. The voices and descriptions follow the event, sometimes predict it, interpret it, shape it, fantasize and describe themselves and others.

AD by Ursina Tossi for SHE LEGEND by Rykena/Jüngst
Our - Lisa Rykena, Carolin Jüngst and my research project SPOKEN DANCE deals with artistic methodologies of audio description and their artistic potential. We aim for establishing Audio Description as an artistic practice and for manifesting it as a fixed structure in Theater & Dance. We offer workshops and discussions, organize panels, we research and network.
In the beginning of 2022 we will publish a website, where we will present the project, give more information around the topic of Audio Description and will list a network of Audio Describers in Hamburg and beyond.
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IGEL Inklusion Ganz Einfach Leben
Podcast von Sascha Lang & Ursina Tossi
conversation about Audiodescription on Plateau Radio FSK