thoughts on access in(to) the field we're working in ...
"you are already in it. You are already in something. You are already always in the thing you call for and that calls you".

(quote from REVENANTS)
classism: artistic research by verena brakonier & greta granderath
if we speak about access we have to speak about sexism, racism, classism and ableism at the same time.

while producing FUX a dancepiece for young and old, blind and visual impaired audienece, we found out that discrimination of yound people is mains stream not only at school but also in theatre & dance. we should integrate our audiences into the process to learn and collaborate from the beginning.
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The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study
by Stefano Harney & Fred Moten
is a form of discrimination intersected by sexism, racism and disability. it deals with social background, poverty, social injustice and its effects like shame in neoliberal capitalism.
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read that!
„What we admire the most – now destroys us. What we consider inferior – could save our lives!“

(quote from WITCHES)
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